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Even Bruce Springsteen thinks her custom hats are cool

Episode Summary

This week on the Backyards and Bevvies Podcast we have our very cool neighbor who was not only a rockstar on tour but now runs one bad to the bone clothing company.

Episode Notes

Camille is one rad person who PK met through BK and was instantly interested in her story. She has not only been on tour but was a tour manager for one of the country's biggest female stars. She might be off the road nowadays but believe me when I say she is only getting more rad each day and with each new item she is custom designing. Her local brand is not so local and has even made its way into the hands of some greats like Bruce Springsteen. Camille doesn’t stop there either. She is constantly designing and making shirts, hats and even banners that are bringing some awesome PR to the small and up and coming Madison area. Come listen to us talk about clothes, tours and PK’s personal favorite food but we don't stop there. Camille was recently part of a very cool documentary, For Love and Country, which showcased male and female black country artists.

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00:00 Welcome to Backyards & Bevvies Podcast

00:11 Better Help #ad

01:40 Hello Camille!

08:03 I don’t want to put just anything on a shirt to sell it

16:48 The store is open 7 days a week

27:04 I haven’t been away from my hubby ever.

34:24 For Love of Country 

42:01 With my son I want to show him Love

49:30 What is your favorite diner in Jersey

58:21 I used to be able to name all the dogs…

1:04:12 Where is the natural fit for us

1:10:59 Cheers and Bottoms UP!